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Pulse Utilities

Pulse Utilities


Pulse Utilities is a dedicated tool designed to empower users to meticulously monitor the consumption of devices like energy, water, and more. With its diverse capabilities, Pulse Utilities serves as the one-stop solution for all consumption-related needs. Our primary mission with Pulse Utilities is to deliver a holistic solution that enables users to observe, track, and manage the utilization of a myriad of resources. Beyond mere monitoring, we pride ourselves on enhancing the overall user experience through a variety of features.

Technologies Used


  1. Authentication

    • Login with email and password
    • Forgot Password
  2. Monitor Consumption

    • Monitor detailed consumption of utilities: energy, water, rent, internet, etc.
    • Track and analyze usage patterns over time.
    • User also has an access for past consumption details.
  3. Monthly Usage Chart

    • Visualize monthly consumption with charts/graphs.
    • It shows charts/graphs for each meter associated with device.
  4. Bill Calculation

    • Determine bill amount based on consumption.
    • Factors in tariffs.
  5. Multi-Currency Support

    • Supports currencies like KES, ZAR.
  6. Payment Options

    • Various payment methods available like cards, MPESA.
    • Integrated with paystack for payment.


1.1 Authentication

Spalsh Login Forgot_Password

1.2 Utilities


1.3 Device

Device_List Device_Dashboard

1.4 Verify Payment

Change_Currency Verify_Payment

1.5 Payment

Payment_Option Payment_Option_with_KES Payment_Screen Payment_Successful

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