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AR Story Book

AR Story Book



This project describes the design and development of an Augmented Reality based book for teaching and making it playful learning of stories and information about various animals to preschool children. Used together with the camera, children could view the superimposed virtual characters and story in a fun and interactive manner with the interactions too. Generally, teaching young children could be difficult this is due to the focus of young children is different from the elderly since they could only focus on something for a short period of time. Introducing fun and interactive learning could grab the attention, therefore, enhance teaching and learning for young learners. This app shows three-dimensional animated educational content and provide a means for students to interact with this content in an engaging learning experience.


Application has 2 major division one focusing on a well know story of line and mouse, while the other is focused on building a general animal book, where playful environment is created to make learning easy for kids and more interactive.
  1. The lion and the mouse
    AR integration of segment of the standard Panchatantra story to enhance the story experience and make story alive.
  2. Animal book
    Gives the in-depth knowledge of different animals (Tiger, Panda, Deer and Fox) with 3 modes of learning experience:
    • Game Mode
      An overview of choosen animal who can perform different actions like roar, walk, run, attack, etc.
    • Forest Mode
      A forest environment created where user can drive the animal via joystick and perform few actions.
    • AR Mode
      Instead of forest (virual) environment, the real world env has imposed where with the help of the camera user can land the animal into the real room/plane and play with that animal.

Technologies Used

  • Blender

    Modeling, Texturing, Sculpting, Animations

  • Unity3D

    Scripting, AnimationContrllers, AudioControllers, UI Development, Events Handling

  • Vuforia


1. Menu screens

2. The Lion and The Mouse Story

3. The Animal Book (Panda)

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