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A Mobile Application to help organizations in the contact-less check-in process using the QR Code technology. This project is developed to help Navrachana University, Vadodara to re-establish on-site lectures. After the pandemic, to begin offline education back, many educational institutes require to collect a consent form from the guardian in order to allow students to attend offline lectures as per govt. guidelines. Because of these new settings, it is really difficult for institutes to collect and validate the information from students. To reduce this hassle, we developed a system where initially, the consent form is collected from the student via an online portal and then send the QR Code via email. Further, the authorities use our application on a daily basis for the verfication of students' details. This application is recognized by Navrachana University as well as the local media houses as a step towards safety measures after covid.

Technologies Used

  • Flutter
  • NodeJS - Express
  • MongoDB
  • Heroku


Student Module

  • Upload consent form for offline classes and vaccination details.
  • Use QR Code obtained via email for university entry.

University Authorities

  • Scan QR code of a student and get valid response.
  • Fetch details from the backend to check weather consent is submitted or not.
  • Validate student details.



1.1 QR code Scan

Spalsh QR Scan Register

1.2 QR scan response

positive negative

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