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AR Brochure

AR Brochure



The Augmented Reality (AR) project seeks to revolutionize the traditional university brochure by bridging the gap between tangible and digital experiences. By leveraging the power of mobile phones, specifically Android devices, the project transforms a static print medium into an interactive, mixed reality experience. Users, by simply utilizing their phone's camera, can unlock a dynamic world of 3D models of the university campus, detailed audio-visual narratives, and comprehensive information about various educational departments and the institution's overarching vision. This approach not only provides an enhanced user experience, but also ensures that prospective students, especially those residing out-of-town, can immerse themselves in the university's offerings without physically being there.


  1. Mixed Reality
    The brochure, traditionally a static medium, serves as a trigger for a dynamic augmented reality experience, transforming it into a mixed reality medium.
  2. Handheld AR
    Utilizes mobile phones as the primary AR device, allowing users to interact with the AR elements using their phone's camera in real-time.
  3. Content
    Offers 3D models of the university departments, audio-visual narratives, and detailed information on various educational departments and the university's vision.

Technologies Used

  • Blender

    Modeling, Texturing, Sculpting, Animations

  • Unity3D

    Scripting, AnimationContrllers, AudioControllers, UI Development, Events Handling

  • Vuforia


1. Intro Screen


2. Intro Screen Demo

3. Mechanical Department Demo

4. Computer Department Demo

5. Civil Department Demo

6. Electrical Department Demo

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