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Find a Donor



Find a donor, the **prototype** of which caters the development of UI, was developed for a noble cause of saving lives. When faced with such hard times for your loved ones or any other living being, donating or seeking blood is a great deal of task. We tried to provide a platform where people can be a donor or seeker for blood requirements, as well as have details of blood banks and hospitals in your region.

How it works?

The application developed with two perspectives, a seeker is not required to create an account, they can select the blood group they need and search for it in the blood banks section or a donor based on distance and location. A donor needs to register themselves with their information and would receive notification when the same blood group is required for a person.

Technologies Used

  • Flutter
  • NodeJS - Express
  • MongoDB
  • Heroku


UI features

  • Authentication
  • Create user profile
  • Find donor or blood banks near you
  • Send requests to registered donor via messaging
  • Be donor and receive notification
  • Filter based on location and distance


1.1 Authentication (Login)

login register Login

1.2 Home


1.3 Authentication (Register account)

register OTP details

1.4 Password reset

reset1 reset otp otp success

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